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Nova is a mobile game made by a team of 5 students. This game is the first game I've made since I came to Supinfogame, and the first mobile game I've made. Nova is a little game where you are a little ball that rotate on itself and you have to touch the screen to give it an impulsion, there is a arrow on this ball to indicate the direction where it will go. Nova is a level based game, each level you will have time to collect more and more target to unlock the exit to the next level, each target will give you some points, the higher level you are, the most point you will get, you also get point based on your left time at the end of the level, so try to be quick. But it will not be so easy to get targets because there are some obstacles, we have made three type of them :

BLOCK : Simple block that make the ball bounce

BLOB : Slow the ball when it pass through

BOOSTER : Change the direction of the ball to the direction of the booster when the ball pass through.

Some bonus will help you to get to the end of the level, the three bonus are :

LASER : Draw a laser forward the ball direction for a better precision

GHOST : Allow the ball to pass through all obstacles

FROZEN TIMER : Froze the timer for 5 seconds

The team :

Game Design :

Graph :

Programming :
Benjamin LEFEVRE

Music by Théophile LOAEC


nova.apk 19 MB